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Fluid 960 grid system

1) I immediately noticed that there is a problem when you try for example to set a background color in the outermost containing DIV : it doesn't fill the whole content to include my test (contained) cases at the bottom! What was more strange was the fact that when I used the .clearfix from the css file that I took from the original site () the problem was fixed! . this one:

fluid960gs by bauhouse - Fluid 960 Grid System ... Fluid 960 Grid System Version 2009-06-20. Created by Stephen Bau. Based on the work of Nathan Smith.

I've never used MooTools before, so I opted to play with the jQuery side first, and I found something you might want to update. It's a very simple change, but with the jQuery version of the 'MooTools ' block, adding .stop() directly before each .animate() instruction will stop the animations queueing up when the mouse is flicked over the blocks. Have a look at this PasteBin to see what I mean.

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